UX fika – practical, hands on learning in inspiring places

As the role of UX and its value for a company and product development has become more recognised, the need for people with UX skills have grown. Over the last year I’ve increased the workshops, in house training and mentoring that I do and it’s an area I’m really enjoying. Out of a wish of doing even more of these types I’m launching UX fika – a range of affordable workshops and training sessions, each one taking place in a different cafe.

With UX fika I’m combining my love for cafes, fika and running workshops to share more of what makes for good UX, the insights and practical skills that are needed. Every month I’ll be partnering with a cafe to bring you a hands on morning UX fika and an afternoon/ evening fika where we work through a UX related topic. The UX fika events will vary from talk based learning sessions to hands on 1.5 – 3 hrs workshops. Included in the price is the fika – something to drink and eat – as well as a write up of notes and the material that I’ve used.

Cost: UX fika are ticketed events and include a delicious fika (something to eat and drink)

Other types of UX fika

UX fika are the main events I’ll be running, but I will also be offering other types of UX fika to cater for in house training, mentoring and more specific UX training. I’m in the process of getting the UX fika website up and running, but until then there is a bit of information below on the the other types of UX fika that I’ll be offering.

  • Mentoring sessions

    One-on-one mentoring sessions can be one of the best ways for furthering your career and developing your skills, if you have the right mentor and mentee relationship. Not every company have the ability to – or need for – hiring a head of UX with years under their belt, but instead work with more junior UX practitioners that effectively take on that role. In those cases having an external mentor can be of particular help, as well as provide reassurance for the company. After all there is a lot to figure out from how UX sits within the company, the process, how you sell it to clients, measure its value, and last but not least what it actually involves and if you’re doing it “right”.

    UX fika one-on-one are mentoring sessions where I work with you long term to support and guide you as well as help set and achieve goals. Together we identify areas of focus and work together to further develop the skills that are needed. It all starts with a brief fika where we meet to ensure the fit is right as well as talk about what you need. If we happen to live in different cities, or countries, UX fika one-on-one can also take place via Skype or Google hangouts.

    Cost: UX fika one-one-one is charged by the hour

  • UX training, talks and consulting for small to large companies

    Getting someone in to do a knowledge session or hands on workshop is often a more affordable way of doing training. It’s also a simple approach to creating company wide understanding and excitement around a subject, and as the cherry on the cake if often has a positive effect by increasing motivation and moral within the company.

    With in house UX fika I come to you, or if you so wish, arrange for the session to take place in an inspiring place. A fika for everyone involved is of course included and as for the topic it can be based on one of the talks and workshops that I regularly do, or custom made to your company, the types of clients you have and the work that you do.

    Cost: In house UX fika is costed individually based on duration, number of attendees as well as subject

  • Hands on UX consulting for startups

    The importance of UX and design for a startup has gained a lot of press over the last year. It can make or break a product and as any UX person will tell you, the UX of a product shouldn’t be an afterthought but part of the product definition and development process. Of course reality is often different and far from every startup have an experienced UX person on their team.

    Startup UX fika is aimed at those startups and offers flexible options from a one off UX review and recommendations session to more tailored involvement or mentoring.

    Cost: Startup UX fika is charged by the hour, or through a project fee

  • A series of step by step classes

    Enrolling in a UX course can be both costly and time consuming, making it hard to fit into training budgets and with other work commitments. Learn UX fika are short, focused classes that take you from an introduction to UX through to the major elements of what makes for good UX, the tools, methodologies and outputs that you work with as a UX designer.

    The classes build on each other but are designed so they can be taken individually. To make it easier to take part and fit around work, the Learn UX fika classes are a mixture of online and in person sessions. A full overview of the classes will be available before hand so that you can decide if you want to sign up for all, combine your own package or take them on an individual basis.

    Cost: Learn UX fika is charged either per class, package or through signing up for the full course

Get in touch with me about UX fika

If you want to talk to me about UX fika send me an email through the below or find me on twitter @uxfika or @annadahlstrom.

Image source: Cinnamon buns & a cup of coffee via Shutterstock