Hallå! I’m Anna

I’m a Swedish UX designer, coach, speaker and the founder of Glimt.it and UX Fika. I’ve been based in London since 2006 and before that I spent 6 years in Copenhagen, which is also where I started my UX career. Over the last 15 years, I’ve worked as an Experience Lead and freelance UX designer across a variety of brands, companies, and projects. I’m currently focused on helping startups, indviduals, and companies with UX related matters through coaching, mentoring, in house training as well as through my my UX Fika events. I’m also writing a book for O’Reilly about Storytelling in Design and taking the hassle out of finding gifts through Glimt.it.

In early 2011 I left a permanent job as an Experience Lead at the digital agency Dare. It wasn’t an easy decision but one I knew I had to make. I wanted to pursue my own projects and diverse my career into other areas so I started freelancing and getting more involved in the IA/UX and startup communities.

A very brief exchange of tweets resulted in me submitting a proposal to a conference which to my surprise got accepted. Since then I’ve spoken at a number of conferences and meetups. I run workshops regularly with General Assembly as well as through UX Fika and the companies I work with.

I try to share as much of what I’ve learnt over the years through my blog and by contributing to a couple of magazines. Lately I’ve started to pick up a part that I really enjoyed as an Experience Lead, namely mentoring as well as advising and educating clients and internal teams on the role and value of Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX), and how best to incorporate it into organisations and teams. As of March this year that’s what I’m focusing on together with my workshops.

Then there is the bit about making ideas happen and giving something back to the people who work on them, and the value of ‘fika‘ and flexible work arrangements that I feel very strongly about and would love to see more work places pick up.

Me & my values

I grew up in Lund, Sweden where everyone cycles and freedom under responsibility is at the core of the workplace (together with ‘fika’). In 2000 I moved across the bridge to the land of ‘Hygge‘ and spent six years in Copenhagen, Denmark before moving to London in 2006.

Copenhagen is where I started my UX career. The learnings from the dotcom bubble were very fresh and focus was on delivering projects on time, on budget and ensuring you planned ahead for the future with a solid understanding of everyone’s current and coming requirements, as well as what’s technically possible. Things I still carry close to my heart when it comes to work.

I have a BSc and MSc in Computer Science and Business Administration and have previously worked in Quality Assurance (QA), as a technical Business Analyst (BA) and as a consultant. I’m a great believer in that the best products and most rewarding projects come from working closely and collaboratively across disciplines and with clients. And that this requires an open mind and flexible approach to adapting processes and deliverables to the situation and project in question. After all no project or team is the same.

Finally, I believe that we in the near future will and should design with the individual in mind, and that we are able to do so.

Image source: www.flickr.com/photos/mentalman1369/2624654120