End of holiday. A new beginning

I’ve always had a particular liking for symbolic new beginnings. The end of summer holidays and the start of “autumn” is one of them. It fills me with excitement of what’s to come. And this year I’m a bit more excited than usual.

It’s been an unusual year for me. It’s gone fast. A lot has happened and even more is about to take place. As for the unusual bit I haven’t commuted in London since sometime in November last year. I’ve also stopped freelancing and only do ad hoc work. Mostly remotely. I can count the days I’ve spent working from someone else’s office on two hands. Instead I’ve spent February to now working from home and cafés. I miss being part of an office environment, but also enjoy the freedom that not having to be somewhere, or commute everyday, has brought. And the most exciting part – we’ve kicked off byflock and our first two products Glimt and Tilr.

Everything is early days. It’s unknowns and a lot of excitement. In the beginning of October byflock moves into our first office space over at the soon to be opened WeWork. A big milestone and something I believe will make a big difference. I can hardly wait. And that’s my general feeling right now.

After a week on holiday my fingers and mind are itching more than ever to get stuck in again. There are four months left of the year to see what we can make happen as a small, bootstrapping company. It’s go and show time. All whilst the air gets crisper and the leaves change colour. And I get to wear comfy boots, knitwear, dresses and jeans again.

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/39483037@N00/6904410297/

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