Day 46 | Some “Jävlar anamma”

‘Jävlar anamma” is a Swedish expression which I don’t really know how to translate other than that it contains a swear word and the spirit of “Let’s do this”.

Watching Creed on Saturday gave me a bit of a kick. Both to face the unknowns that lie ahead with Glimt, but also some “let’s do this” when it comes to getting myself back into the kind of shape I like to be in.

Before I moved to London from Copenhagen back in 2006 I used to go to the gym four times a week, two of which were boxing classes. There was a girl there that I’d paired up with and I’ve never been in such a good shape as I was back then. To this day I miss those classes and having a boxing partner like that girl where you push each other to the limit and don’t hold back.

Today I took out my boxing gloves and headed over to the gym. I put together a playlist of songs with a good rhythm for punching on a punch bag and then I got cracking and boy did it feel good.

There’s something quite therapeutic when it comes to punching a punch bag. To visualise the things that you might be pissed off at or frustrated with right in front of you and then give them a good punch. But, it also works quite well for getting some determination for the things you want to get done and it’s a combination of the two today that had me punching the bag until I could hardly hold my arms up anymore.

It made me realise how good I feel from physically exhausting myself through exercise and that my overall wellbeing, determination and focus is incredibly closely linked to how much I exercise. Thank you Creed.

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