Day 35 | Tired and happy

Monday evening this week I spent on a plane. Tuesday evening in a hotel working. Wednesday evening was in an airport and on a plane and tonight I’ve been teaching. I’m a little bit tired. Quite hungry, but more than anything I’m feeling really happy.

Over the last few days I’ve spent time with family and friends back home. I’ve made new contacts, met and helped old ones. I’ve been challenged mentally, I’ve gotten to travel, I’ve had some me time and I’ve given back.

Whilst I definitely need a rest, and to have my first proper dinner for the week, I’m on a high. I love the feeling of being alive, of making a difference and learning new things. Whilst some weeks are full on, and perhaps even a little too full on, there’s a difference between a full on week that drains you of energy and one that gives you energy back. This week I’ve been lucky to experience the latter.

Image via Flickr user Adrian Berg

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