Day 175 | UK, what have you done

I went to bed last night as the markets were optimistic and fell asleep thinking it would all be ok. When I woke up shortly after 4.40am (funny that) and checked BBC news, I shot out of bed terrified. It couldn’t be. But it is.

It’s been a tumultuous day, most of which I’ve spent watching and reading the news as well as comments on Facebook and Twitter. Most of those I know are in shock and there is so much sadness and anger. I’m scared of what will come, for us and our children, what it will mean for the UK, Europe and the World. I’ve never seen so much ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ talk as I have today and it’s scary, but my belief in voting remain was based on standing united and working through the issues together. Now more than ever we need that.

We’re fortunate enough to live in a democracy and whilst I fear that many have voted out based on false “facts” and promises, we have to respect those votes and take the problems we’re facing seriously. They are what led to all this. Pointing fingers and saying that people don’t know what they’ve done does nothing good. There are a majority out there, on both the leave and the remain side, who aren’t happy with the way things are and whether we like it or not, change is happening.

Many Euro migrants have expressed that they don’t feel welcome any more. The UK, my friends, colleagues and extended family have always made me feel very welcome here and I’m going to choose to keep seeing it that way and do what I can to help other EU migrants feel the same.

Screw the hatred, fear and blame and as D said to me this morning “Let’s be the change that we want to see” and remember all the positive messages the other EU countries and the world has sent us over the last few weeks. We’re creating turmoil for this country, but also the rest of the world. This is one heck of a mess. Let’s work together to fix that.

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