A new site design

For quite a while I’ve been wanting to refresh the theme of my site into something that was a bit more fit for purpose. After a few frustrations but even more ‘Aha’ moments and ‘Hooray’s, I’ve finally got something to share.

The possibilities with my old theme didn’t allow me to do what I wanted to do, at least not with my limited coding skills. Plus I’d grown tired of it. So, rather than trying to force the shoe to fit I changed the theme completely.

Over the last month and a bit I’ve tweaked the theme into what you see here. I’ve spent hours on Flickr searching for images to go with my beloved quotes, recommended reading and watching, as well as the new content type which is links. It’s not finished, particularly not with the smaller touches and onwards navigation (a few widgets I’m yet to get working), but it’s in a good enough state for me to make the switch.
It’s taken a bit longer than anticipated and has caused quite a few head aches, but on the positive side I’ve learnt a lot more CSS and have also managed to create something I’m quite excited about.

The focus is on that regular posting shouldn’t require too much time, and that the images I use shares the centre stage. They are what help tell the story and over the last two years, as I’ve done more writing, talks and workshops, I’ve come to love finding that image to go with what I’m trying to say. So thank you to all the brilliant people out there who are sharing your photos under Creative Commons. This blog and my presentations wouldn’t be anything without your pictures and I love how they bring the quotes to life, like on this one.

Now to get back into writing.

Ps. If you spot any glitches and want to share them with me I’d really appreciate it.

Image source: www.flickr.com/photos/clickflashphotos/3475428932

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