A month and a bit later

It’s a little more than a month since I last posted anything here and finished the day to day project. January has mostly been spent in the comfort of home working on the main product for byflock and it’s been absolutely wonderful.

Since before I started freelancing I’ve been dreaming about being able to take more control over my working day. To utilise the hours where I know I’m most productive for the most demanding work and the hours where I’m a little more tired for the less demanding tasks. To be able to adapt to each and every day and make the most of it based on the day itself and my form. And to work in an environment that I feel really stimulates me. Where I have the option to move around a little when I need a change of scenery or just stretch my legs. Or to go for a run when I feel stuck on a problem I can’t solve. And where I’ll work on things that truly inspires me. During these weeks in January I got all of that.

I thought working from home would make me bored but it did just the opposite. The days more than filled up and I scheduled meetings that got me out of the house and into central London every now and again. On days when I didn’t have meetings I had other reasons to get outside, if nothing else for that mid day run just before lunch. Being able to be in the comfort of home and get a break from commuting was a really needed break after last year that was quite full on, and the two weeks away over Christmas. I loved having everything from my Swedish coffee (ZOÉGAS) to our blender for making juices, to kitty and D just a flight of stairs down.

Last week I started freelancing again. It wasn’t without a bit of sadness that I left our lovely flat and jumped back into a two hour a day commute, but the team and the work I’m brought in to help out with is really exciting and more than makes up for it. I’ve made so much progress on byflock and I’m really excited about this year. My month and a bit “off” is one I’ll cherish for a long time and it has really inspired me and given me the energy and the push that I needed to get myself and byflock off to a good start this year.

And finally, I’ve missed this, writing. I didn’t deliberately take a month’s break from these posts. January was about focusing on byflock and minimising other distractions. After a year of day by day posts not writing for a while has been a nice pause. But now – not having posted anything for over a month – my list of draft topics are building up and my fingers are itching to get them completed. Something my longer commute will help with.

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